Syndication Rockstar Plugin Review

Looking for viral traffic? Syndication Rockstar Plugin

Do you have a WordPress site that you use for business purposes? Do you have a WordPress site that you just want more traffic to? Look no further that Syndication Rockstar. This plugin is exclusively for WordPress blogs/sites that will deliver high quality traffic from social media sites and deliver back links pointing top YOUR site instantly.

So How does Syndication Rockstar Plugin work?

Lets take a peak. After you install and activate the plug in, imagine creating a post and then be able to send that post out to a large amount of social bookmarking websites. Not only does that content get sent out, but it will include an anchor text hyper link directed back to your original website post. Here is the best part. Syndication Rockstar will spin your content with grammatical excellence and send a UNIQUE copy of your original post to each of the social media platforms…. All giving credit to your ORIGINAL post. Now, if I may, let me add 1 more import feature of this plug in. The syndication will automatically badge your original post as the main work and tag all of the rewritten/spun articles as a syndicated copy. In other words, it will let Google and other search engines know that the content on your “main site” is original content that YOU wrote and created and it will let Google and the search engines know that the copies sent out (which will be spun for original content) are promotions for your content. Yes, I thought so…very cool indeed. It is almost like you creating a website and then many social media sites and networks promoting your website for you, and writing content for you, and giving you free high PR backlinks all on autopilot. Just creating a few posts can give you dozens of articles pointing back to your domain with dozens of 1 way anchor texts to your site.

 So Is Syndication Rockstar affected by Panda and Penguin?

Nope, just the opposite!  The plugin is designed to give you unique content spread across many different social media platforms. Not only will it bring YOUR WordPress website up the rankings in the search engines to get traffic, you will ALSO get traffic from the millions of people who visit these social media sites and networks every day.

Read more about Syndication Rockstar Plugin HERE and get on the early bird list now for the January 31st launch.

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